Dayu pressure compensated drip irrigation pipe

Dayu pressure compensation drip irrigation pipe series products

Model Working pressure flow Compensation function type diameter wall thickness Emitter spacing
80336_128 1.5-4 3-20 yes Insert type Sixteen 0.4-1.4 300-2000
80336_129 1.5-4 3-20 yes Insert type Eighteen 0.4-1.4 300-2000
80336_130 1.5-4 3-20 yes Insert type Twenty 0.4-1.4 300-2000


Pressure compensated drip irrigation pipe is a new type of drip irrigation product, which is made up of injection molded dripper, welded on the inner wall of the pipeline or installed between the pipes and the end of the capillary pipe, and has the effect of steady flow.

Application scope of Dayu pressure compensation drip irrigation pipe:

&Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; it is suitable for planting crops and orchards, vineyards and forest belts in mountainous areas and long distance.


Advantages of Dayu pressure compensation drip irrigation pipe:

&The internal structure of the dripper adopts elastic diaphragm to adjust the pressure and control the flow;

The Injection silicone diaphragm can effectively prolong the service life;

The special flow passage can effectively improve the self flushing ability and the anti blocking ability;

UV resistant material is suitable for all kinds of climate conditions;

Good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance;

Ensure accurate and even irrigation within the pressure compensation range.


&It can be laid on the ground or buried;

High and low flow selection range;

Not affected by irrigation topography and slope.

Technical parameters: in accordance with GB / t19812.2-2005