Netafim Binet spinnet? Micro nozzle

Netafim Binet spinnet? Micro nozzle series products

Model flow Structural mode Installation mode
79257_65 Seventy Rotary type Inverted type
79257_66 Ninety Rotary type Inverted type
79257_67 One hundred and twenty Rotary type Inverted type
79257_68 One hundred and sixty Rotary type Inverted type
79257_69 Two hundred Rotary type Inverted type

Netafim Binet spinnet & Trade; micro nozzle

Netafim Binet spinnet & Trade; micro nozzle application:

Greenhouse, nursery and net room 耐特菲姆(netafim)宾耐特SpinNet™微喷头

Netafim Binet spinnet & Trade; micro nozzle performance features:

No bridge design, avoid dripping.

Flow optional micro nozzle, 5 kinds of flow: 70,90120160200 L / h.

Recommended working pressure: 2.0-3.0bar.

External connector: direct plug type.

Three different rotating nozzles:

— horizontal without elevation, gray

— high elevation, green

— low elevation, blue

Netafim Binet spinnet & Trade; micro nozzle features and advantages:

Binet micro spray nozzle is designed without bridge, and it does not need bridge to support the nozzle, so it will not drip during operation. This means that the crop under the sprinkler will not be damaged by the dripping of the sprinkler. Binet is hung under the water supply pipe to avoid water dripping onto the crops below.

Components are interchangeable. For cleaning, Binet micro nozzle can be disassembled by hand – without any tools.

Acid resistant material, so chemicals can be used to pass through the system, and suitable acid can be used for cleaning.

In the full coverage irrigation system, the uniformity of irrigation is excellent.

It is highly recommended to use (SSPE) super soft PE capillary to connect Binet to the water supply pipe. The specially designed counterweight and anti drip valve can prevent water leakage of the water supply pipe.