Yier drip irrigation belt


Technical characteristics of Irrifrance drip irrigation belt:

&Black polyethylene pipes of different diameters (18×20 & ndash; 29X32MM) are water-proof and splash proof;


Processing precision: 1 / 100mm;


Stainless steel sieve filtration (360 microns);


Prevention of saline and calcareous water;


Adjustable water flow (25-100l / h; pressure from 0.5-1.5bar);


The flow is uniform and not affected by pipe size or ground. Change the measurement standard in different irrigation zones (computer control optimization);


Flow is not affected by temperature;


Stainless steel sieve filtration.


It can irrigate and apply fertilizer, even soluble granular fertilizer;


Soil desalination;


It can adapt to all kinds of soil and crops.


Advantages of Irrifrance drip irrigation belt:

The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, strong durability, multi-function, economy and practicality, and is suitable for the application of modern agriculture


No siltation risk;


Simple filtration;


High reliability and low maintenance rate;


Water can be evenly distributed;


A lot of wet soil;


Water saving and energy saving;


Never jam;


Automatic control and irrigation fertilization.