Kmucutie nternational fishing tackle supplier
 fishing tackle supply different molds of squid jigs, ABS plastic material, luminous body, 3D eyes, lifelike real shrimp;Sizes: 1.5# 1.8# 2.0# 2.5# 3.0# 3.5# 4.0# 4.5# 5.0#;
including different molds and sizes; such as luminous ones, glitter cloth ones, single or double fan-shape hooks. Firstly the squid jigs is a great fishing tool for saltwater fishing, such as squid and octopus catching. And then we supply the squid jigs with Japanese quality, lifelike real shrimp to attract the fishes. The most importantly that we supply professional service to our customers, so that we could be your great support for your business.

You could choose the mold mostly interest in, and you could also have the packaging with your logo.
Please choose Kmucutie Fishing Tackle and catch your market for squid jigs.
Please choose Kmucutie Fishing Tackle and catch your market for squid jigs.

Size of the squid jig in this listing is Lucky Dip
The Adjustable weight system
Swimming action of the Ikado Squid jig swims with its head slightly down Double hook crowns
3D Eyes
Silk Dressed surface.
Ikado squid jigs are ideal for targeting Squid and cuttlefish.


You can fish in many situations such as from rocks, harbours, off a boat etc.
Adjustable weight system allows you to customize your squid jig but also acts as an anti snag system as the adjustable weight touches the bottom first before hooks settle on the bottom and become snagged up.
Swimming action is a perfect imitation of a shrimp which is the natural prey of squid. The lure angle action can be also adjusted by simply bending the weight arm with pliers.
3D Eyes and silk like dressed surface allow the squid jig to have extra appeal in luring the squid to take a strike.

A must for your fishing tackle box is the Rapala Ikado Squid Concept Squid Jig
We can offer the OEM service according to your requirement and our products are of best quality and reasonable price.
more detail please visite :

Sales, Sales 2 department, Chentilly and Kmucutie fishing tackle Co.,Ltd
Addr: Room 1107,1205, Zhongmei Building, JIANHUA Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

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