PicClick Search 20x faster

  • Full-Screen: Maximize the number of items you see at once
  • Zoom Slider: Thumbnails any size you want it
  • Infinite Scroll: No clicking and waiting
  • Fastest Speed: 2x faster page load times
  • High Resolution: Sharper and clearer thumbnails
  • Most Watched: Exclusive filter to find the most popular items
  • Similar Items: Exclusive similar items for alternatives or lost items
  • No Ads: No annoying banner ads distracting you and taking space

PicClick provides a proprietary ProductMatch™ algorithm. For a specified item, PicClick ProductMatch™ retrieves up to 50 ranked similar items. Items are considered similar if they can serve as a replacement for the specified item. Similarity with other items is determined from computer vision image analysis, keywords in the title, and attribute value matches. ProductMatch™ is used to recommend items to buyers who have lost items they were bidding on, or to recommend items as alternatives for watched items that have ended. Our computer vision algorithms scan through millions of product images and data points to find and rank the best product similarity recommendations.

PicClick is the #1 tool for eBay power buyers and the first visual shopping interface for eBay. With PicClick you can see hundreds of products fullscreen on one page compared to a handful in the standard eBay view. PicClick also features infinite scrolling, adjustable image zoom, and the fastest load times. PicClick continually tries to innovate with the latest design practices, cleanest page layouts devoid of distractions and banner ads, and fastest browsing speeds. PicClick is best way to find the best deals on eBay before someone else does.



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