With the development of e-commerce,B2B platform has become an effective
marketing method for enterprises to expand their business. When buyers scan your
products on B2B websites, it is of crucial importance to attract them and
inspire them to make purchase decisions.

Product description is the intuitionist material they rely on. A good and
attractive product description is likely to help bring you more prospective
customers as it can keep them in patience and develop a fine impression when
they browse your product. And it Enables buyers to gain a complete knowledge of
your product and encourages them to make up their purchase decisions.

To make a good product description, there are several points you should bear in
mind. First, use accurate and precise product name.

Make sure that you use an accurate product name. An inaccurate product name
intends to make prospective buyers Confucius and just refuse to make further
examinations. Avoid too general product name,
For example, better to specific
‘hiking shoes’ rather than ‘sports shoes’ ‘shoes’. There are thousands or
millions of products on the website, buyers will quickly filter those unspecific
& irrevalant products and use a specific name to find what they are searching
for. Therefore, precise product name is a necessity. Some suppliers will fill in
several different product names in the view that buyers will find the same
products when they search different products. That is totally wrong. We can make
a comparison. The mass of the products are just like the disordered products in
a supermarket. When people want to buy shoes in the shoes region, they often
find there are many coats among shoes. This may show the unprofessional of the
seller. Buyers are reluctant to waste their time on examining the products
unless they are truly interested in or in urgent need of this product.

Second, fill in accurate keyword. Different from specific product name, keyword
should be a very general word that people often use when they describe some
product. It is crucial for buyers to find their targeted products.

Third, accurate product description. Product description is the information that
people can get online, which tell buyers the inner character of products.
Different kinds of products ask for different product description that can make
buyers exposed to the most useful information. For example, the product
description of clothes and shoes should contain the colors, materials and sizes
rather than these useless information such as the clothes is beautiful and in
good quality. While when describe vehicles, one should tell buyers the voltage,
type of engine, tire, way of ignition, brakes type, dimension, etc. Whatever the
product, the basic requirement is the product description should make buyers
know what they want to know about the product.

Fourth , upload product photo. Illustrate your product with distinct and vivid
pictures or images. Compared to the text, a picture or image can better display
product character and appearance to the buyers. They can examine the products
from various angles and get comprehensive information about the product.

Last bust not the least, Manage to make your description systematically and
specifically. Describe your product in business-like tone in terms of symbols
like “*” to make a comfortable presentation. Employ a chart to list your product
description. Better to give a brief product description with phrases or section
sentences. If necessary, divide the paragraph into several short sentences.
Don’t impede your customers with lengthy words. A more comprehensive data helps
buyers understand specifically what they can buy and more accurately measure
what they need. A quality product description will attract more visitors to your
site and turn them to determine upon their buying decisions.

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