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China Online Advertising Service


UpBee It® has been developing and implementing online advertising strategy for foreign companies, of different size and business type, to market products/service to China market.

We can provide the following services for you:

  • B2B marketing
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media advertising


Why you should start to advertise to China online now?

In a word,China is a huge market and provides countless opportunities,the value of access to the large Chinese market is the dream of all marketers worldwide undoubtedly.

  • China is becoming one of the world’s largest economy, it is No.2 economy now.
  • China has 711 million internet users, 50% of all population.
  • China has more than 27 million companies (for B2B marketing)
  • China is the world’s largest luxury market, car market, education training market and gradually the largest market for most consumer products.


Why choose us?

Because better understanding of the current Chinese online advertising market.

Since Google left mainland China in 2010 except for its Double Click advertising business, local Chinese internet companies like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and so on develop their business quite quickly and start to dominate the online advertising market in China.

There are some new tendency can be found from the following data:

  • There are 656 million mobile Internet users in China, which means 92.5% of China’s Internet users use mobile devices to access the Internet.
  • Search engine users reach up to 593 million, usage 83.5%.
  • Network news users 579 million,and most(89%)subscribers are mobile phone net users.
  • 448 million internet users have online consumer behavior,which means more than 60% of all China’s internet have spend money online at least once.
  • Catering,tourism,education training,hairdressing and beauty etc.service industry are the most dynamic online business.

Combining these,place emphasis on browsers,search engine and internet news media,especially the ones who account for huge share in mobile network, focus on advertisement putting time,coverage area,then select out target audiences are the most effective way.

This is what we are doing and what we are good at.So why not choose us?