Before reading I would caution you that this is not a comprehensive list of reasons. There are many many reasons for a CRM – I simply listed out a few that I have found helpful or that I have personal experience with in the past. You may think of other reasons. My goal is not to provide an exhaustive list, but merely to get you thinking about the value of a CRM and hopefully help you come to the realization that if you have a business, then you need a CRM.

10. Your memory is not perfect

I know you may think you’ve got it all stored in that steel trap but I can attest from personal experience; it doesn’t always work as expected. Sure, you might be able to keep up with 10, or 20 or even 50 clients in your head but there comes a point when you just can’t track them all and their associated tasks and events. Do you really want to limit your business by what information you can store in your head? If you can only manage 20 clients successfully in your memory then you have stopped your business from growing any larger. With a CRM you can store and manage hundreds of clients and let a computer system handle the task of memory and recall. Take advantage of technology and use it for your business success. Then your business growth is never limited by the brain that can’t remember where you put the car keys.

9. Emails are decentralized

I spent many years convinced that my inbox was the perfect solution. I mean, I could filter, I could search, and I could read past emails – what more could I want. But I started to realize something. I was having to sync my email on all my devices and store all my past email on all of them. This was fine at first but my inbox was quickly growing in size and storage space and becoming unmanageable. Finding sent mail is also a problem and makes things difficult in tracking what has been said to various clients. And then comes that great day when you hire employees. You’ll never remember to CC or BCC the team on every email sent. Suddenly email is not a good solution. Your team may be spread completely apart and communications will quickly get lost, and your clients suffer. A customer relations management system put all the pertinent client information in one central location that was easy to update and easy to see when other’s updated. All communication can be kept in one spot, nothing gets lost and you can now see and share with the rest of your team.

8. You need metrics

Do you know how many successful projects you’ve had in the past week, month, or year? Can you quickly state your conversion ratio or explain the best method you reach your customers with absolute certainty? Metrics are critical to your business growth and success. You may deceive yourself into thinking you can figure out things with common sense or with some Excel spreadsheet formula – but is that what you want to spend your time doing? My guess is that your time is more valuable than that, and the odds are high you’ll make a mistake in your calculations anyway. I know I do. A CRM will give you instant metrics on dozens of aspects of your business, and you don’t have to do anything. Plus with a CRM like CRMery you can actually create custom reports to better track metrics and reports specific to your needs. Create it once and use it forever. Once you have these reports I guarantee you’ll never look back. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out it’s really not worth your time to do cold calls after all!

7. Statuses are important

Do you know which clients are ready for a quick callback? If you knew exactly which prospects and clients were on hold and who was slightly interested in your services would that help your business and your sales strategies. I think it would. A CRM at its most basic level lets you see those statuses. Every time you make a call, send an email, or contact that customer or prospect you can update your CRM with their current status. Then, because your memory’s not perfect (as stated earlier) you will be able to review and see exactly where each client is in the sales process. No more wondering, and no more following up on cold leads instead of landing the hot ones.

6. History is important

If you’ve ever wanted to look back and see everything on a particular contact, the stream of communication between you and them and other members of your business then you need a CRM. Customer relations systems help keep all those conversations in one place and make it easy for you to quickly look back in time and see how things have progressed. Don’t be confused about why a particular customer is upset – see for yourself the progression of a client and their communication as well as your company’s notes and responses. You’ll be able to save more customers from leaving by catching something you would have otherwise missed. And you can learn from your history.

5. Competition helps business

It’s never fun to feel like you’re going at it alone. It’s good to have communication between your fellow employees and compare notes on things. And competition helps a business. CRMery has leader boards and goals to help with just such a thing. You can stage friendly inter-office competitions to see who can close the most deals, sell the most dollars, or carry on the most conversations. As those leader boards and competitions grow so does your business. And everyone wins when that happens.

4. Never lose your data

If you use notepads, memo books, calendars, and other systems for tracking your data then the odds are high that you are going to lose it at some point. Store everything on your laptop? They can be stolen. A web-based CRM lets you effectively protect your data from being lost. Sure, servers can crash and hard drives fail but with the proper web host and data backups you’ll never lose your data. That’s just one of the benefits of CRMery, as an Open-Source CRM you have the complete freedom to select the absolute best web host and service provider. And you own your data. It’s not stored on some company’s server leaving you at their security and their business infrastructure. CRMery lets you install, manage and maintain your own data on the server of your choice.

3. Predict your future

Everyone wants to know the future. If only there was a way to know what to expect. CRMery helps you with that. Now of course a CRM cannot predict the future with 100% accuracy (it’s not a crystal ball), but a good CRM can give you a reasonable expectation of the future based on past performances and past events. If your history is stored correctly in your CRM (see History is important) then a good CRM can extrapolate that information to give you a good idea of what is to come. You can see your pipeline of your prospective deals and have a pretty accurate feel for how much business you can expect to see in the months to come. Once you realize how much information you have access to you may start to feel like a bit like a psychic.

2. Track your tasks and events

Calendars are important, way more important then emails with dates in them. You’ll never be able to keep track of every task you need to do and event you need to attend without a good system. A CRM will help you not only keep track of every task and every event but also relate them to the appropriate customer or lead. CRMery provides a calendar system that allows you to see all of your tasks and events and also your teammates tasks. Plus, with CRMery you have a dashboard that gives you a quick overview of upcoming tasks and events across all your contacts. Need access on the go? CRMery provides an amazing mobile interface to provide instant access to your immediate tasks and events as well as allowing you to create new tasks or events immediately. Sure there are dedicated calendar apps and task management software you can use, but the goal is more than just managing tasks. The goal is relationships. A CRM will relate those tasks and events to the appropriate lead, contact, deal, or company. It all works together to form a cohesive whole – and that leads perfectly into the final reason.

1. Be organized

You may claim that you can manage your business using email, task management systems, and calendar systems but you’ll miss the big picture. Organizing all your information into one system gives you that big picture. A CRM integrates emails and tasks and calendars and so much more in one easily maintained and managed place. Access your information from anywhere in the world and from any internet-accessible device. You’ll learn things about your business you never knew before. By being organized and storing things in a central location you’ll bring all the pieces together. The key is business organization.I’m obsessed with helping businesses grow and succeed. CRMery provides an amazing platform to help businesses do just that. By using a CRM your business will become organized and as your business becomes organized you’ll start to see success. I don’t claim to have the perfect solution, we’re constantly improving things to make it better. I do claim that having a well-organized business will never, ever be a detriment to your success. Get organized and let CRMery help you get there.


Vtiger CRM
Close more deals faster and retain customers longer using the CRM
platform that grows with your business


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从长远来看,商业竞争并非是产品之间的竞争,而是经营目标之间的竞争,经营高度集中的公司基本都是赢家。 —- FOCUS THE FUTURE OF YOUR COMPANY DEPENDS ON IT. 1目标客户 2自身优势 3产品 第一个有个蓝图,第二个有坚实后盾,第三个正在进行中。 所以,还需要等待! 你的时间在哪里,你的成就就在那里。 路线很清晰, 你是顶级的编码,就不要抱怨销售比你提成高。 你是顶级销售,就不要羡慕编码人员不对销售业绩负责,旱涝保丰收。 你是‘管理人员’,就不要羡慕别人生活和工作完全分离。   这几天的事情,得出的结论就是发挥优势,整合资源。 一直蓄势做点。多个炸点已经布好。 还需要营销的引爆。    



外贸特工Tony 发布于2014年11月17日 14:32 近来帮我一个国外客户做采购代理,今天在阿里巴巴上面发布了一个求购瓷砖的RFQ,我在RFQ里面已经说得很清楚,我们也不知道要购买什么款式和规格的瓷砖,需要中国厂家根据我们的工程经行设计,推荐合适的瓷砖,还有提供售后施工的服务等等。。。。。。我在RFQ里写了我的QQ,接着有很多业务员来加我qq,基本上都是佛山的,一上来就是问我“您需要采购什么样的瓷砖啊”“您要什么规格的瓷砖”诸如此类的的问题。。。我心想,这些业务员到底有没有看清楚我RFQ的要求,难倒我解释得还不够清楚?估计他们看到“采购瓷砖”几个字,心里只想着赶快接大单啊,找到我的联系方式就立马急冲冲地联系我了。。。 我只是帮客户做sourcing,即使客户有明确的产品要求,他也不一定会完全告诉我,我又不是你这个行业的专家,你问那么一大堆的产品参数的问题,不好意思我也不知道!那么,有的业务员就会这样想了,这个采购什么东西都不知道,肯定只是做做市场调查而已,可能还是个骗子呢!于是业务员就死不报价,态度变得很坏,不想和采购多浪费时间!哈哈,你就尽管这样想吧!反正供应商我就大把,而你却错过了很多大客户、大订单! 在国际贸易中有一个真理,大家必须知道,那就是不是每个客户都是专业的,不是每个采购都是懂行的,很多客户确实是想买东西,但是他不知道供应商有什么产品,哪一种适合他,这个时候就需要供应商为客户“量身定制”。如果一个买家真的非常专业,专业到连产品每个零部件的成本他都非常熟悉,那你觉得你还有机会吗?你们公司在同行之中价格和质量有绝对的优势吗?厉害的客户一眼就能看出你是工厂还是贸易公司,你家的产品值几个钱,能用多久,他是可以给到所有产品的参数,让你舒舒服服地报价给他,他也可以拿着同样的参数去找千千万万的同行对比价格,客户越熟悉产品,他对比产品价格的时候心里就越有数!你要么直接被淘汰,要么被客户压得没什么利润! 有时候,我们遇到越不专业的客户,应该越开心。在阿里巴巴上经常能收到只有一句话超级简单的询盘,我就特别喜欢这样的询盘!客户在询盘里对于产品描述得越少,越简单,就说明他越不懂产品,我们就可以以一个咨询顾问的姿态来引导他买适合他的产品,客户不了解市场行情,我们还可以把价格稍微报高点,赚多点利润,即使客户后面发现我们的价格比同行的略高,我们也可以在其他方面做文章,比如给其他同行设限,可以说我们的产品达到了哪种技术标准,没有这个标准认证会产生哪些安全隐患,然而其他同行的产品几乎没有达到这个标准。这样的客户其他同行没有重视起来,而你重视了,他就是你的了! 为什么现在还有很多贸易公司存活下来?还不就是靠着市场信息一时的不一致,如果市场信息流通非常顺畅,任何一个国家的买家对中国供应商的情况都如数家珍,那生意就难做了,现在阿里巴巴这些B2B就在做这事,让天下的生意越来越难做!哈哈,有点跑题了!其实我无非想告诉大家一个道理,如果客户是只单纯的猪,我们才好“宰”他,如果客户是条精明的狼,那只有我们被宰的份!如果遇到猪一样的客户,请不要不理不睬,咱们应该耐心地做他的导购,甚至做他的老师,告诉他们咱们有什么产品,是怎么卖的,买我们产品的时候应该注意什么,聊聊他的需求背景,是自己用还是倒手转卖给他人,根据他的实际情况推荐合适的产品和交易方式。这时候会有人疑问说,我哪里有办法知道每个客户的需求啊?如果你是外贸新人,尚可原谅,如果你在一个行业里混迹了2、3年,还不清楚自己公司的主要客户类型,每个市场客户的常规需求,那你就是失败了。从前我学会一种本领,在广交会上随便看见一个老外我可以大致猜出他是哪个国家的,一个是看他的长相、肤色和穿着,还有就是看他一进到我展位里先摸了哪款产品。。。 以前刚开始做外贸的时候,我回复询盘的时候也喜欢问客户一大堆问题,后来很多就没回复了,想想当时很多优质的客户资源,如果我能换一种沟通方式,或许能拿下很多订单。后来我发现买我产品的客户几乎都是不专业的,第一次使用,你问他们要什么规格基本都答不上来,他们只会问我们的产品一个柜子多少钱。对于这种客户,我常常会报几款他们国家热销的产品,然后根据工程使用常规的配比,给他配到一个柜子,报个总价过去,这样就给了他一个idea了,不求客户一定下单给我,只为了他能够继续回复我,让他记住我,记住我的帮了他很多! 其实,咱们做外贸的有时候真应该向内销学习学习,拿品牌服装店的导购做个例子,当顾客走进店铺说想买一件衬衫时,屌丝的导购会问顾客喜欢什么款式的衬衫,休闲的还是商务的,喜欢什么颜色,穿多大码的,然后挑了一款他们所谓最热销款式的衬衫拼命地劝客户试穿一下,顾客说不喜欢,她还在旁边拼命说手上这件衬衫有多么fashion,还说顾客现在身上穿的多么土鳖,应该换一下口味啦!顾客立马掉头走人!可能这个顾客也没有十分想买,没有明确的采购目标。但专业的采购会先问顾客衬衫是买给自己穿的,还是买给其他亲戚朋友的,顾客说是自己穿的,接着看一下顾客现在身上穿的衣服,猜测他大致喜欢的穿衣风格,根据他的肤色挑选合适的颜色(需要专业的颜色搭配知识),甚至可以目测顾客的身形是穿多大尺码的(真的有人一直都不知道自己穿什么尺寸的衣服合适,而且每个人的身形都会有点差别),什么都不用问直接挑选出一款最合适的衬衫给客户试穿,客户穿了觉得还不错,这时候导购又说这件衬衫要搭配一条某某款式的裤子才好看,买两件还可以打折,于是又给客户挑了一条裤子一起试穿,客户觉得很满意,一直夸这个导购真懂他,毫不犹豫就都买下来了,满载欢喜走出店铺。 看了上面这个案例,大家是不是觉得以后我们在做外贸的过程中,同国外客户沟通的方式是不是该做一些改变呢。。。。。。。 分享也是收获,请把此文章分享到朋友圈,让你身边做外贸的朋友都能有所启发! 非常特别的外贸实战心得分享就在微信公众账号“外贸兵法”(公众号:tradeart)



序: 7岁开始练习体操,17岁进入国家体操队。1981年获得世界大学生运动会男子自由体操、鞍马、吊环三项冠军。1982年第六届世界杯体操赛,一人独得男子全部7枚金牌中的6枚,创造了世界体操史上的神话,被誉为“体操王子”。从事体操运动十几年中,获得的金牌多达106枚  1989年,从运动员的身份退役,第二年,我创建了李宁体育用品公司。经过二十多年的探索,李宁已逐步成为代表中国的、国际领先的运动品牌公司。  从率先在全国建立特许专卖营销体系,到持续多年赞助中国体育代表团参加国内外各种赛事;从成为国内第一家实施ERP的体育用品企业,到不断进行品牌定位的调整,再到2004年6月在香港的上市,李宁集团经历了中国民族企业的发展与繁荣。  从体育转战商业,一路许多风雨和艰辛,在这里将我个人从运动员转型做企业的思考和感受在领英平台与大家分享。   我是公司重要职位面试的最后一关。过去十多年,每个重要职位的人进来,我都会和对方讲述自己的梦想,对此认同是进入公司的前提。 对我个人而言,无论是体操运动员还是企业管理者,如媒体所评论,这都是两项艰苦卓绝的营生。如果没有内心的梦想,很难将这两项事业坚持下去,并做到最好。 当运动员时,体育和奥林匹克的精神激励着我,要努力成为世界冠军。退役后,我的梦想就是打造中国最好的世界级体育品牌,一个在本质上忠于体育价值和体育内涵的品牌。让中国运动员能够穿着自己国家品牌的体育服装走上领奖台。同时,希望能够通过这个品牌,推动中国体育事业发展,让越来越多的中国人参与到体育运动中来,感受体育精神、奥林匹克精神。 正是这样坚定的梦想和强烈信念,面对变化和逆境时,才得以坚持下来。从运动员到企业的管理者,不同阶段面对的东西很不一样,但有一些内核始终未变。   执着目标,勇于战胜困难。多年体育运动的苦练,让我能够找到目标并持续地追求,也学会如何面对困难,不断地找到战胜困难的方法。这种激情,毅力和战胜困难的挫折锻炼,是运动员训练对我个人创业的帮助。 无论是运动员还是做企业,始终需要有斗志、有梦想、有激励。从精神层面上讲,需要持续向上的状态,像跑马拉松一样,你要往前跑,不断往前跑。 我常常给自己的鼓励就是:即使后来拿了很多块金牌,我也不是一开始练体操就成为世界冠军的,也是一点点、一步步往前走。战胜一个困难上一个台阶,再战胜一个困难再上一个台阶,最后走上奥运冠军的领奖台。只要我们的企业也这样脚踏实地一步步前进,相信我的这个梦想也能够实现。现在我们正在一步步前进过程中的某一个阶段里。 从个人梦想到系统支持。年轻的时候,作为体操运动员更专注于自己的比赛,就像登山,是运动员最后登上喜马拉雅山的顶峰。不过,登顶的喜悦背后,一般人可能看不到,运动员身后有很多支持系统,需要从外部获得很多支持和帮助。 体操中有一种技巧叫“四人叠罗汉”,很多人都会专注最顶上的那个“尖子”,但实际上他必须依赖底下三个人的支撑,包括抛、接、托、举,缺少任何一个环节都无法完成。个人的价值是依靠团队支持来实现的,这也是在做生意的过程中必须要注意的。 作为企业家,需要进行很多决策,一定要考虑怎么最大化整合资源、理清商业模式、选好战略决策方向、建立团队组合、更好创造激励等等。创造一流的中国体育品牌虽是我的梦想,但它需要技术、财务、营销和管理等等方面的支持。对于公司管理来讲,如何把一个人的梦想变成一个组织行为,把个人单一的理解与能力构造成一个组织的能力,最后赢得生意上的收益,最为关键。   强健体魄保证充足精力。从客观层面来讲,做生意也需要体力,需要好的精力。商业上的成就,和强健体魄也有一些关系。我看过一些研究报告,有一点印象很深。哈佛商学院出来的很多商业管理者,最终获得更大商业成就、管理更大平台的那部分人,很大比例在学校时都是运动队成员,很多人甚至是队长。充沛的精力、竞争的意识和组织协调能力,是能够通过体育锻炼培养出来的。 无论是李宁集团,还是整个中国体育用品行业,都会面临一些挑战。比如同质化突出、渠道库存过高、成本上涨等,是整个行业都需要解决的问题。但长期来说,国内市场的整合、城镇化发展、内需的扩大以及人民对体育不断提升的热情仍然是运动用品行业发展的长期驱动力。 作为企业管理者,目前我的主要工作是带领公司进行变革转型,打造更多令消费者满意的产品体验、赛事体验和零售体验,让广大体育爱好者能够喜爱我们的产品,在运动中真正感受到体育激发人们突破的渴望和力量。 不管是在竞技场还是商场,成功与失意告诉我们,让别人改变,首先要改变自我,胜人者有力而自胜者强。 在不同的赛场,坚持都是应该的。每个人面对逆境的方式并不相同,那时要去做 x一个运动员,现在要把企业做好。选择梦想,尝试未知,但无论哪条路,只有坚持和努力才能真正成功。