一. 买家询盘为泛问所有产品询盘格式通常如下:

We are interested in all your products,could you please send us more information and samples about your products and price list?


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your inquiry at Made-in-China.com.We are professional supplier for plush toys at competitive price,located in Nanjing City,Jiangsu Province.

Here is the attachment with some pictures of our products that may suit your requirements,for more,please check our website,and select the products that you’re interested in.We have great interesting developing business with you,should you have any inquiries or comments,we would be glad to talk in details through

MSN:XXX\mails or any way you like. 附件内容可挑选一些公司主打产品)客户泛泛咨询时,往往真实购买意图一般,除非其正好需要/感兴趣您现在的产品或您挑选出的主打产品。对能给予继续回复的客户应继续重点追踪,没有回复的客户则可以考虑不必花费大量时间追踪。


Dear Sir/Madam,

Good morning!

For several days no news from you,my friend.Now I am writing for reminding you about our offer for item of XXX dated XXX according to your relative inquiry at Made-in-China.com. Have you got(or checked)the prices or not?Any comments by return will be much appreciated.

可根据客户要求的产品加上自己产品的特色)It will be our big pleasure if we have opportunities to be on service of you in near future.Looking forward to your prompt response.


Dear Sir/Madam,

How are you?Hope every thing is ok with you all along.Now I am writing for keeping in touch with you for further business.If any new inquiry,welcome here and I will try my best to satisfy you well with competitive prices as per your request.

By the way,how about your order(or business)

with item XXX?If still pending,I would like to offer our latest prices to promote an opportunity to cooperate with each other.




Dear,I’m doing fine,thanks for your information.I’m still in the planning of building my new house,due to the work constrain I decided to delay it first.Anyway I will contact you once I decided.Thanks!


Dear,Thank you!I received your email and I sent it to my boss.He didn’t tell me anything just now.I will contact you soon once got any news.


Dear,I receive more than 10 offer severy day and it will take me some times to look into each and every offers.I will contact you in the future if you are in our selection of companies.Many thanks for your co-operation.



Dear,Please excuse the delay in my reply.I have been so busy searching through all the mails,concerning the plush toys project.May I ask you,where you purchase your soft fabric for the toys?We have a customer who is interested in this subject.In the coming days,I will reply concerning some samples.


5. 想借机刺探军情的

Dear,Sorry for the late reply.I will get back with you later.I am very busy at the moment.If you have US customer as reference, that would help a lot.I am not here to steal information.We use reference in US to generate trust,just like you have “connections”(friends)among Chinese.


6. 讨价还价

Dear,Thanks for your reply,I have received your quote and I am currently looking through all of the quotations that I have received.Currently your prices aren’t the best but your products are very good.If you could make your prices more competitive I am sure we would be putting an order in with you very soon.


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